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Alright people!

Tyler here! This here blog post is The157store's first ever (yes, ever) blog post! We've just switched over to a super duper web system that allows us to do these uber cool things. 

Who are ya?

Seeing as this is our first ever blog post, it's a good time to let you know who/what we are. You may already know of us, which would make you really cool. We were also on the telly-box in 2016 with the wonderful Mary Portas as part of her secret shopper series. That's currently on Netflix & 4OD if you wanna see what that's about. It's awesome. But then again we're biased.

The157store is an independent menswear store based in Fareham, UK. Established in 2007 by Andy Moore, we specialise in bringing mega brands to the same arena as smaller, up-and-coming brands. Sort of like a melting pot, or that dodgy meal yo' momma always cooks to try and use the scraps of the food cupboard. Ew. 

Andy is the boss fella. He had two shops in Portsmouth Commercial Road (or a it was called back then, Charlotte Street), named Hellrazer & Blake's in the 80's & 90's. He's been a retailer of mens casual & formal brands for over 30 years! Bit of a know-it-all really - but he's dead nice too. 

Helen is Andy's good lady. She crunches the numbers and listens to Iron Maiden whilst doing so. Very loudly, might I add... She's also dead nice. 

Adam is Andy's eldest son. He helps out in the shop a few days a week and apparently looks just like Andy when he was in his teens. Which is hilarious because it probably means Adam will end up bald, just like Andy. Ha!

Ollie is our current Saturday boy, and he's probably going to win awards for most smiles completed in a single day. He's also taller than all of us, despite only being 16. 

And that leaves me, Tyler. I've worked in The157store since I was Ollie's age (I'm now a twenty-something, ouch) and I handle all the online/internet/webby stuff & help Andy with buying stock. 

That's it! There's no more store-staff, no more web designers, and no more buyers. Everything we do is done by one of the lovely people above! If you come to visit us, you'll meet at least one of us, and if you order online, it'll be picked and packed by Tyler or Andy. Mad innit!

We are very much a DIY business, and that's how we want to stay. Even as our local & online presence grows, it will probably always be us lot steadying the ship. That means that when you purchase from us, you're buying from a human that cares. A human that hand picked the stock we sell, that sends your favourite products around the world, and a human that does a little happy dance when you choose a small business over a multi-national corporation (booooooooo).

My plan for this blog is to start posting regular content about what's going on with us, the menswear industry, and the world. 

If you made it this far, you're a diamond. Thanks for continuing to support an indie in these shaky times. 

See's ya soon XXX