We have new neighbours! Welcome, Frozen Gelato!

You may have noticed that the shop next to us had been empty for a while, but no longer! 

Frozen Gelato opened on Sat 20th Oct 2018 & they're bringing sweet treats to Fareham West Street. Ice Cream, waffles, cones, coffees, cakes, the works. 

They're open 7 days a week (just like us) and they're part of what is now a bustling independent trading area on Fareham West Street. 

The immediate comparison might be to bigger chains already calling themselves 'Gelato' sellers - and whilst that would not be wrong, Frozen Gelato Fareham has already shown they are not afraid to be different, with a host of unique foods/flavours & stunning approach to presentation. And let's not forget - independent/family based business are nearly ALWAYS better than their 'national chain' comparisons. That is the case here too. 

We won't give too much away - but we will encourage you to pay a visit to Frozen Gelato at 155A West Street. Starting a business in what most are calling 'tough times' is only tough if local people let it get that way. Visiting, purchasing, shopping, sharing, following are all great ways to support every indie business out there! 

As part of an initiative The157store is part of, we will be sharing aspects of Fareham West Street and it's traders over the coming weeks and months. There is a growing community forum & spirit in Fareham and we are glad to be a part of it. 

For now though, you can like Frozen Gelato Fareham on Facebook by clicking here.

You can also like Fareham West Street on Facebook here, to keep up to date & follow the development of the Community Forum. We're starting with Fareham's first ever locally organised Christmas Lights Switch-On in November - which will include a lantern parade & market stalls at the western (independent) end of West Street for the first time ever. 

Written by Tyler Adams.

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